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I’m Celia Abernethy travel designer and creator of MilanoStyle.com, the blog about Italy Travel and Style. I’m also a freelance travel writer for several publications. With all the rules and regulations regarding travel during the Covid pandemic, I realized there was a need for travelers and travel agents to stay up to date on news that may affect their travel plans to Italy.

Air transportation and railway strikes, major road works, new Covid rules and regulations are just some of the themes I address. I also write about new hotel openings, interesting discoveries and things to do.

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Think of me as your local assistant, keeping you apprised of what’s happening in Italy.

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I try to keep you apprised of the news and interesting info. I sometimes post two times a day or two times a week. If you think I need to be doing more, or less, feel free to email me with your feedback!

The Author

Celia Abernethy, editor and founder of Milanostyle.com, editor of EasyMilano.com, Pro-blogger and Travel Writer specialized in travel and lifestyle content for blogs and brochures about travel and expat living in Italy. Contributor to Forbes Travel Guide, Italo-Americano, Huffpost, Wellum, Medium and more.

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